Charlene Soraia New Album Coming Soon!

Peacefrog commissioned Zip to create Charlene Soraia’s new campaign, the label decided to go with the raw recordings she made in the early morning hours before sunrise, just Charlene and her guitar in her flat. It’s so real, exposing the beauty of her voice and maestro guitar skills, we wanted reflect this rawness in the creative which was very much a collaborative process with Charlene.

Fractals and prisms was the concept we developed for the project, this is carried all the way through from the photography to the detailing in Charlene’s logo.

All the images were created in camera on the shoot, working with photographer James Hole we knew we would get fantastic results. We used all manner of techniques, Charlene’s own crystals and jewellery as well as a ‘Rocher Effect’ …the lid from a Ferrero Rocher box (who needs expensive lenses!) 

Stay tuned, we’ll be revealing the full project very soon and we cannot wait to share the results with you.