Y-Peer Branding

The UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) commissioned us to brand Y-Peer, a global youth peer to peer network initiative which focuses on HIV/AIDS awareness in over 30 countries. Y-Peer educates young people in many areas surrounding adolescent sexual and reproductive health. We’ve created a very broad range of items from brand guidelines, training materials through to trophies and merchandise.

Y-Peer — Information Booklet

One of the first items we designed for Y-Peer was an introductory booklet that stood out from the normal material the UNFPA had previously commissioned. The Who, What, Where booklet was an instant hit with the organisation.

Y-Peer — Awards Trophy

We created the trophy for Y-Peer’s annual awards event. It had to feel unique and capture the colourful and energetic nature of the brand.

Y-Peer – Training Manuals

We have designed and produced a full range of training manuals for Y-Peer which have since been translated into all the regional languages the network operates in.

Y-Peer — Training Passport

The UNFPA wanted a fun way to show a Y-Peer’s qualifications, we created a training  passport that mirrored a real thing. We also designed bespoke training stickers like VISAs highlighting a person’s achievements and progress. It became so desirable that Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon even requested one!

Y-Peer — Brand Guidelines

As part of the full re-brand, Zip designed a set of detailed brand guidelines which covered everything from typographic hierarchy to merchandise.

Y-Peer — Merchandise

Through-out our long standing relationship with UNFPA we’ve created and produced many merchandise items, here’s a small selection of our favorites.