VANS Pillow Heat Exhibition

Print 03

Vintage ‘fire department’ shoe box made in USA circa 1985

Here at Zip we are big fans of skateboarding and the part VANS played in it’s history. Nick from the studio has recently completed a number of prints for The Other Side Of The Pillow using some of VANS lost and forgotten shoe box designs that VANS themselves had no archive or knowledge of. Thanks to hunters and gatherers like Henry from The Other Side Of The Pillow, VANS has recently started to acknowledge its rich past by re releasing many of its older designs that they have referenced from Henry’s very own collection. Henry travels the globe searching for VANS from the late 60’s up until the early 90’s, before the company changed from being hand made in the USA to being produced in China were the quality dropped and some of the companies magic was lost.

The prints were recently displayed at the #pillowheat event in London which showcased Henry’s amazing collection of vintage shoes, apparel, and collectables from VANS past. Check out his new website here or pick up one of Nicks prints here

Print 04

Vintage ‘COUNTRY WESTERN’ shoe box made in USA circa 1980

Print 07

Vintage ‘LADY VANS’ shoe box made in USA circa 1980

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